seperate music from the singing ???

i have been told that its possible with this program to seperate instruments from the singing on tracks in this program
is that for sure and how is it done.

Here’s the wiki page on this subject:


It is sometimes possible to remove, or reduce the lead vocal from a stereo recording with Audacity.
It is not possible to remove the music and leave the lead vocal.

There are a couple of other programs that claim to be able to isolate other sounds, though I am yet to be convinced. One such program is called “Extra Boy” - sorry I can’t remember the name of the other one.

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Heh, that’s what you get for being thorough! But if you can remove the vocals, doesn’t that imply that you can isolate them as well? Once you have the two tracks, left and right, of just instruments, couldn’t you invert them and add them to the original left and right tracks, leaving just the vocals? --Allen


(quite tempted to leave it at that)
I wrote a full explanation somewhere on this forum, but a clue to why…

Left audio = L
Right audio = R
Centre audio = 2C

Left channel = L+C
Right channel = R+C

Remove centre audio: (L+C)-(R+C)=L-R (mono)

From the “left channel” and “right channel” (which you start with), there is no simple way to isolate C.
(spend 30 minutes driving yourself crazy with equations, squiggles on scraps of paper, and tests in Audacity, and you will come to the same conclusion, or start believing that you are Napoleon).

Thanks; I get it now: you never do get left and right tracks of just instruments. --Allen

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