Separating Tracks [SOLVED]

Using Windows 7, Audacity v. 2.1.2 via installer

I have some stereo recordings which require editing (using the “Effects” menu) on one track but not the other. Is there a way I can separate the tracks so as to edit them individually and then recombine them into a stereo file for export?

split* stereo track” & “make* stereo track” options are in the track’s drop down menu …
Click on the little black downward arrowhead to see than menu …

[ * split = separate , make = recombine ].

Well, duhhhh
Thanks so much
I will go back under my rock now

not so “duhhh” really - we know it’s a bit “undiscoverable” - but we don’t quite know what to do about it :sunglasses:

Once you know it’s there it’s easy …