separating tracks in the timeline

Hi, I have just loaded a series of music tracks into Audacity (1.2.6) from a collection of DAT tapes. Each separate timeline contains the contents of one DAT tape. I now want to be able to export these tracks (one timeline at a time) as WAV files, but separated so that they appear as individal tracks in the file just as you would if ripping a CD. I have ensured that there are a few seconds of silence between each track, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of putting in any sort of marker which would distinguish one individual track from the next. Does anyone have any ideas?

I’m a little unclear as to what youhave here. If you have all the music tracks one after the other (in a single Audacity track - mono or stereo pair, whichever you are using) - then it is relatively starightforward as you can use labelling staright off - see this article in the Wiki:

If insteadyou have each songtrack in its own separate Audacity track all stating at time =0 then you have given yourself a little more work. You can either:

  1. select each track in turn abd used Aydacity’s Export Selection function, or
  2. you can use the Time Shift tool (icon is a little horizontal arrow with heads at both ends) to slide ach trach along the time line so that they are positioned one after the other. And then you can use labelling as in the Wiki link above. And don’t forget to switch back to the Selection tool(the I-girder) once you’ve finished with the Time Shift tool.