Separating Tracks for Producing CDs

I’ve been working with Audacity for about a month, and seem to be getting the rest of it pretty well. However, there is one problem where I need help:

I’ve recorded from vinyl, I’ve labeled the selections, and I’ve saved them as separates. Now, what do I do if I want to produce a CD from the materials, after having done all that? Keep in mind, you’re talking to somebody who’s fairly electronics-ignorant.

Thanks for whatever help you can provide, in advance.

Did you export them as WAV files?
What sort of computer? Windows 7? Vista? XP? Mac OS X? Debian? Ubuntu? Mint? …

Yes, I did. It’s a Windows 7.

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Now you need to use a CD burning program to make an audio CD.

I presume that you have tried playing the exported WAV files and checked that they play OK? If you’ve not checked them yet, do that before anything else.

There are various programs that you can use, including Windows Media Player and iTunes. Personally I would recommend using a program that is specifically designed for burning CDs. There are several to choose from, some are commercial products and others are free.

The most important thing when making an audio CD is that if you want a normal audio CD that will play on most CD players you have to specify “audio CD”, otherwise you will get a “data CD” that will only play on computers.

More information here:

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