Separating Tracks for CD.

Hello everybody!

I just recently purchased a cassette tape with Audacity software, whereas I can transfer songs from my cassette tapes onto the Audacity software in my computer. I recorded all songs, got rid of the unwanted audio at the beginning and end of the tape (as per instructions supplied with the software). Then I marked each song as close to the start as possible, as instructed. Then I went to the Audiomedia window and entered the first tracks information (name of track, track number, genre, album name). But there I got stuck. I trialed and errored a number of times hitting every button on the AudioMedia window—trying to access to the point where I could enter the second track’s number. No luck. And no matter what I tried, I finally hit OK, and it just shows the one track when I try to burn it! HELP!!!

The 10,000 foot view of this is to put an Audacity label at the front of each of the songs you want to appear as an individual music file. File > Export Multiple and Audacity will whip you up a pile of music files according to computer filename, not music title.

Then drag your pile of files into the Audio CD Authoring Program of your choice. Windows Media and iTunes both work. That’s where you can arrange and rearrange the song order as you wish, generally by dragging up and down a list. The burner doesn’t pay any attention to computer file order.

I’m not sure why the system makes you record song title and all the other information. Music CDs don’t carry song titles.

There may be some other reason for that. Scroll down to the segment that applies to you.

There is a slightly off-standard version of Music CD that does carry song titles, but it may not play on every, or older CD players.


I have no idea what AudioMedia is.

Thank you for your help, Koz. Ha—I don’t know what AudioMeter is either! It’s name is actually Metadata. And it’s where I entered the individual track data—but I never got any further than the first track. I’m attempting what you said to do right now! Hopefully, you can help if I don’t get it the first time—which seems to always happen (never get it the first time). thanks again.


Thanks so much, Coz. For some strange reason, it worked the first time—that itself is a first-------thanks again!!!