Separating out tracks in a playlist

I’m using Audacity v3.1.3 on Windows 11. I took several songs and strung them together to make a cross-faded playlist. Is there a way to export the audio where I would be able to skip from track to track if I burnt the finished product to a CD or was playing it on my phone and the crossfades I put in would still play? I know I can export the entire thing as one long track and have it go from song to song seamlessly in playback, but I’m hoping there’s a way I can skip to a specific song and the entire thing will continue to play from that point forward, crossfades and all. This may seem like a question with an obvious answer, but I’ve not been able to find it and I’m new to audio editing altogether, so I’m sort of lost here.

Please see:


Note specifically, DAO - Disk At Once.

I’ll have to take a crack at this when I get home this evening. I’d actually looked at this section of the manual, but for some reason, didn’t think it was describing what I was trying to do. Thanks for directing me back to it.

This worked beautifully, thank you. I had perused that section prior to posting the question, but clearly didn’t understand what I was reading. Now I just need to hunt down some CDs that can hold more than 80 minutes of music and I’ll be set.