Separating CD output from Phones signals mix

I’m new to the forum, and I do a lot of recording. I used to simply go through my Multiverb to record the Audacity via a USB input. I just purchased a Behringer 1204 Mixer and I have been able to get signal in and out of Audacity and record okay. The problem is. I am using headphones to hear the music (karaoke tracks) while I sing the vocals and record them to a new track, but the music ends up on the vocal track as well, and I don’t want that. I want to be able to edit the vocal tracks before mixing the vocal and music tracks with Audacity. Is there a way I can mix and hear (through the 1204 phones ) the music track and my vocals (in real time as I record) through my headphones without the music track bleeding through to the vocal track in Audacity? I know it’s not bleeding through the headphones. I think there may be a way to route the music to the headphones only, without the music signal going back out through the CD output into the computer while the vocal signal from the mic (which is plugged into channel one), does go to the new Audacity track. Is there a way I can I do that? Any help would be appreciated.


Set Audacity to record the input you are actually recording, not stereo mix from the inbuilt sound device. So assuming you are connecting the 1204 to your computer via USB, import the file into Audacity as your first track (if it’s a CD, rip it to a WAV file), then set the Audacity recording and playback devices to the Behringer USB Audio Codec. Use the appropriate knob on the mixer to blend the Audacity playback with your mic input.


Thank you Gale, as I mentioned in my post, what I need to know is, how do I listen to both the music track coming from the Audacity prorgam, and mix it with my vocals coming from the mic, at the same time I’m singing and sending only the vocals to the new Audacity track without mixing the music signal and my vocals both on that new track? As it is now, I get both music and vocals on the new track. I want to be able to hear both my vocals and the music through the headset…like they do in the studios… but, I only want the vocals to go out to the computer to be recorded on the new track, without the music. Of course, I can diconnect the cables from the output side of the UCA200 USB device, but then I won’t be able to hear the music track through the headphones, I will only be able to hear the signal from channel one, where I have the mic plugged. I can easily figure out how to do it with two mixers, but I think it’s possible to do it with the 1204 alone…I just haven’t figured it out yet, I just wondered if anyone else had, so I wouldn’t have to. LOL

Are you still recording from a mixer or are you now recording from a UCA 200 device? Have you read the Manual for the mixer? If you connect your headphones to the mixer, connect the mixer to the computer at the USB port, set Audacity to record from and play back to the USB audio codec for the mixer, play the first track in Audacity, then sing into the mic connected to the mixer, how does Audacity record the first track unless you somehow set the mixer to send Audacity’s output back to it? Where does UCA 200 come into this?


I want to use the headphones that are plugged into the mixer, both the music track that is playing from Audacity into the mixer VIA the USB. I want to hear my vocals from the mic that is plugged into the mixer on channel one, but I want to send only the vocals from the mic back to the recoding track of Audacity via the USB without sending the music back from the 1204 mixer? As it is now, if I can hear both my vocals and the music on the headphones, both go back to the computer to my new recording track. Do you understand what I’m saying?


Set the monitor controls on the mixer to listen to PFL (pre-fader level) and mute (or turn the fader level down to zero) on the microphone channel.
Connect the “CD/Tape out”, or the “Main output” or “Alt 3/4” output from the mixer to your computer (not the control room output).

That’s what I was looking for. Thank you

Oops, I think I said that wrong way round - I meant mute the input from the UCA202 so that you only hear it pre-fader - but it sounds like you’ve got the general idea and made it work :slight_smile:

Yeah, I figured that one out…I’ve recorded 3 songs since. I’m still learning to use the 1204. I wish I had bought a 1204FX now, but this is working okay with my Multiverb effect processor for now.

Thanks, To everyone who responded.