Separating audio tracks when exporting

Basically, if reading a book with chapters, how do you export so the CD has Track 7 for Chapter 7, which is typed in your pre-set label? Can you have 10 tracks and then jump to Track 7? If the label is shared, that is good; but at least how do you get more than one track on the audio playback?

Instructions are to use Control B “Add Label at Selection.” This places every label regardless if you are 15 minutes in to the recording, at time 0:00.
Control M or “Add Label at Playback Position”, does place the label at the appropriate spot.

On Export Multiple Tracks, Labels in checked under “Split Files Based on”. “Using Labels/Track Names” is checked under"Name Files."

We burn as an MP3, but when we play the CD, everything is Track 1. There are no breaks or separations.
What should we be doing - both in recording and exporting - that we are not. The software is Windows 7, the Beta Audacity version. Thank you.

After using Export Multiple you should have multiple files, one for each section that you marked with a label.
Are you getting that?

Yes I do have separate files.

I exported to the C-Drive - all were separate files. I then copied one at a time to a CD. It plays as one solid audio track and records Track 1 all the time.
I also tried to export directly to the CD and it stated it could not identify the Target.

The problem is either how you are making the CD or how you are playing the CD.
Are you trying to make a normal audio CD that will play on most stand alone CD players?
What program are you using to make the CD?
What are you playing the CD on?

Solved by not using Windows Media Player or whatever burn disk software pops up automatically with Windows 7.

Loaded Roxio Creator. Used that for the Burn. Worked.

Using Control M. Again the Control B in the instructions places the index at the wrong place.

Thanks for your line of questioning.

Glad you’ve got it working.

Use Ctrl+B to place labels while playback is stopped.
Use Ctrl+M to place labels during playback.