separately editing two songs open in the same project

So what I am trying to do is edit two songs separately while they are open in the same project

For example, I try deleting part of one song, and the same part of the other song deletes as well… which I do not want to happen

Is there any way to keep both songs open but only edit one of them at a time?


I’m assuming that you have the two songs in the same project but on different tracks, right?

  1. you could slide the second song along the timeline with the Time Shift tool -see:

  2. or you shoul;d be able just to selct audio from within one track by clicking and dragging sideways ony - its the downward/upward dragging that includes audio from the other track(s)

  3. You could record one song after the other - in 1.2 you would need to use Pause rather than Stop at the end of the first song - in 1.3 you can use Append Record (you should really be using 1.3.13 anyway - 1.2 is no longer maintained or upfdated and is ancient now).