Separate tracks in final mixdown

I plan to record voice in 10 segments on 10 separate Audacity tracks, then line them up 1-10 to mix down so it’s a sequential recording of track 1-10 - my question is, what do I need to do so that each track is indeed separate so that someone can skip to the track number they want? (like songs would be on a CD for example, each song is a separate track so the user can choose a track) - thanks!

If you’re not making a CD or DVD the most reliable solution is to make separate tracks. If you buy an MP3 album from Amazon or and AAC album from iTunes you get one file per track.

If you can “tag” the files with the track number and tag them all with the same album name you can play the files in order as an album. You can also prefix the file name with the track number.

Aha, I get it - I’ll supply my publisher with the 10 separate tracks (rather than mix into a single audio file) and my publisher will supply the tracks to iTunes, Audible, etc. and they’ll provide the audiobook with all the tracks to download - do I have that correct?

I have successfully transferred a whole vinyl and a whole cassette into Audacity and followed steps of naming each song. But when I export them in MP3 format into my WIndow 10 computer it always show up as a big file without detail lists of songs. Any suggestions?

Add a “label” to mark the start of each song, then “Export Multiple”. (See: Splitting a recording into separate tracks - Audacity Manual)

Please see this topic in the Manual:

It’s part of this set of tutorials which you should find useful:

And this suggested workflow may help:


Tried over the weekend. Great success. Thank you