Separate audio while recordings

Hi everyone,
I have two mics that are connected a caster, and that caster is connected to my laptop using USB. I record using audacity since my caster cannot record.
Before start recording, I choose the stereo mode since I need each participant of the meeting to get a separate wave sound.
Actually, I get two wave sounds (stereo), but in each wave I get the sound from both mics (full sound not eco).
I need to get each participant with its separate sound wave.
Attached a photo of my problem.

To do this, you have to PAN one mike to the left and the other to the right. You have to do this in your “caster”. Many mixers have this capability, but I don’t know anything about your “caster” - perhaps it does not have this capability.

I have Maono caster AU-AM200, and yes I don’t have that option for each mic to the left and to the right.
Isn’t there any other option that let me separate each mic to separate sound wave?

The MaonoCaster AU-AM200 has two microphone connections, but it only has one microphone volume control and no balance control. As near as I can tell, it jams both microphones together into one show.

They dance around the music, too. I’m guessing it mixes the music down to mono. The 'Caster produces a simple, mixed mono podcast with voice, music, and special effects. Full stop.

Audacity can’t rip a mixed show apart into individual voices, instruments, or sounds.

(full sound not eco).

As you said further up the post, even if you have two microphones, if they’re in the same room at home, one will echo into the other and you’re very limited to the effects and corrections you can do. Audacity can’t take out echoes.

This isn’t deadly. You can record both voices at home on your phones, transfer the voices into Audacity and mix them as you want. I have used iPhone Voice Memos for this.The closer you get to your phones, the less room echo the phones will pick up.

If it’s a super long podcast, you may run into speed problems. No two sound recorders run at exactly the same speed unless you paid many dollars for them. See if you can tell how much off they are over a half-hour or an hour show and then use Effect > Change Speed to convert one to the other. One of Change Speed’s settings is actual time. “The show is this long and I want it that long.”

Once you figure this out, it’s going to be the same conversion number no matter how many podcasts you do, or how long they are—as long as you don’t change the phones.


No. I’m thinking that a device similar to the Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Mixer with USB might support such a PAN.

Behringer Xenyx Q802USB Mixer

That’s how I did it.

That’s a Peavey sound mixer. I had three different sounds in the show. One Skype, my voice, and music.

I was just fooling around, so I mixed everything together into one mono show, but I didn’t have to do that. I could have panned my voice to the left, my guest voice to the right and put the music in later.

I think what we’re obliquely saying is your show and your 'Caster are incompatible.


Sad to know that.
Thank you very much for you help and full description!

Thanks for your help everyone!