Separate 2 voices from each other

I am making an animation and there is a character in it that is a preexisting character, and I am using archived recordings of his voice from the show. I need to isolate his voice in this recording, where he is laughing with another character (the female voice), and I only need his voice. I was able to remove the BGM just fine, but not the other voice. No matter how hard I try, it doesn’t remove just one voice and either removed both or makes both quieter. How do I do it? Here is the audio in question.

Probably not possible.

The second most popular request, after “help me clean up,” is “Help me split up this mixed performance into individual parts.” You can tell the performers because you are (we assume) human and can recognize the sounds. Not so the software.

Is the original archive material MP3? There’s the kiss of death. MP3 scrambles tones and volumes to make a small file. It may sound like a male voice, but the tones aren’t “clean.”

Never do production in MP3.

So now you’re into serious AI, either using it to make a new voice, or paying for software to do the separation.

You can also pay an actor to do the part live, but everybody stops listening when I say that.


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