Senior moment getting past the first 2 lines?

I am hoping that I grasp Audacity very soon, as I am beginning to feel quite dim.

Using the small tool box and recording the first two lines of music and talking, I am stuck trying to slide the bottom line along to the end of the top line. Despite looking at You Tube on Podcasting, moving one line, always moves the other one (they all move together)?

Any help past this problem,

C O’Hara

Your cardinal sin may be looking at YouTube. Audacity does not make YouTube videos. Some YouTube videos are wrong or misleading and almost none of them say what version of Audacity they refer to.

If you read our Manual you will be able to give us the correct names of Audacity components that you are using.

This page in the Manual will help: If there is a selection (grey area) in the track you want to time shift, drag outside that selection, then only that track will slide. If the entire track you want to drag is selected, DOWN or UP arrow to the other track, giving it the yellow focus border, then hit ENTER to deselect it.


Thank you for you most valuable help

First, I would like to apologise to Gale for being a beginner, secondly I would like to tell you that my problem with the TIME SHIFT TOOL, is not a problem with Audacity version 2.0.5 on my LINUX, just my Mac version, 2.1.1. Which, incidentally I discovered on YouTube?

If you want to use 2.1.1 on your Mac, download it from here:

Do not download Audacity from links on YouTube or you could harm your computer.

Do not look at YouTube for help with Audacity. YouTube videos about Audacity are not made by us and almost never say what version of Audacity they are about.

If you have Audacity made by us, then the Time Shift Tool behaviour should be the same on any recent version of Audacity.

If you need more help, please say specifically what problem you are having with Time Shift Tool that is not addressed by my previous answer. If you only want to drag one track, the easy rule to remember is not to have any selection in the track you want to drag.


Thank you Gale, I note the restriction’s and understand and agree the logic. Without doubt, I do need help getting the set-up right, is there a SET-UP That I can copy?

In respect of getting the correct Audacity, (which is not visible in my Ireland Mac App Store), is there a link that you can provide.

Secondly I would prefer to have the latest upgrade for Audacity, is this possible with my Mac? Knowing that my Linux 2.0.5 version works, I could use that, but the Mac is more powerful can you help with this?

Just downloaded version 2.1.1, for the Mac, but will have to download Lame to import the mp3’s. However, getting it right is more important, so I will wait to hear from you.

Kind regards,

C O’Hara

What do you want to set up? I would leave the Preferences alone. The defaults are mostly good. Do you need help resetting the Preferences so that they are defaults?

We don’t make Audacity available in the Mac App Store.

Here it is once again

If you would like 2.1.2, go to and download 2.1.2 from there.

You only need LAME to export (save) MP3’s. If you only want to import MP3’s Audacity as shipped already does that.

One thing you might bear in mind is that due to a bug, 2.1.2 cannot import files by dragging them in directly. So if that is important to you, you may prefer to stop with 2.1.1.