sending songs that another person can edit

Im a guitarist. Ive written a song and id like to send it to my friend so he can add vocals. How can i do this? Please help

Export your presentation as a WAV (Microsoft) and “somehow” get it to the other party. They import your WAV file into Audacity to make sure its OK, and play it while Overdubbing the new performance. For example adding their piano to your violin.

Overdubbing setup is not dead simple. You do have to pay attention to get the latencies and configurations just right. There’s also a difference between “Overdubbing” and what I call “Perfect Overdubbing.”

Anybody can set up for overdubbing where you hear the original rhythm, click, guide or rhythm track in your headphones while you perform. What’s much more rare is being able to hear yourself while you do it.

Hearing your own voice or performance is very difficult for regular computers to do. I checked out three hardware devices in the tutorial which will perfect overdub. In each case you have to plug your headphones into the device, not the computer. If you do that, you will hear exactly what the mix is going to sound like.

If you do this process wrong, you will hear your own voice in delay or echo.


Or if you just want to send the project intact to your friend for them to work on the project further, see this page in the Manual: