Sending Me Bananas!

I have a Behringer Xenyx 1202FX and Sterling 159 mic.

These are not usb - but mic connected by xlr cable to Xenyx. The Xenyx connects to the imac via audio output/imac input.

It is a weird hit or miss if it decides to work which is doing my head in! I have had it set up and working, but the volume being recorded keeps getting smaller.

Then I moved my computer and it is no longer working again.

It looks like there is sound coming through the mic as it registers on the mixer, but it will no longer record on audacity.

I don’t know if it is the mic, the mixer or audacity that isn’t working, but I’ve tried all the usual - shut down, unplug, reset and can’t get it to record.

All help greatly appreciated.

So I saw this post earlier but did not respond as I am a Windows guy and this is a MacOS problem. Since you do NOT have a USB mixer this is a simple Audio input issue with Mac.

Virtually all laptops and many computers no longer ship with an audio input port. There is generally a microphone port, but it is unsuitable for capturing standard audio that you might have from a mixer. And even if you do get it to work there is going to be noise that will be impossible to get rid of.

Hopefully, a Mac guy will come by and offer some input here.

Mac Guy Here (gruff, theatrical voice).

This is what the Stereo analog line in used to look like. That circle and arrow thing is the icon they used.

Works perfect. I shot many paid performances like that.

As a rule, if you don’t have that jack, you don’t have stereo analog in. That’s pretty certain from actual experiences posted on-line, however, It used to be possible to plug in a Stereo HeadSet. Two ear muffs and one microphone. Jury’s out, although that won’t help you even if you can.


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