Sending files over the internet

I want to do some intercontinental jamming and recording with some old friends. I figure I’ll lay down a couple of 5-10 minute audacity tracks, then send them off to them and they can add/overdub a few tracks and send them back to me. Can somebody recommend a good way of doing this? I’m not sure how big the files will get. It seems like a 5 minute audacity double track file is about 100MB, so 10 minutes would be 200MB. Say ten double tracks for ten minutes would be 2GB. I guess that is a reasonable upper limit for the time being. Does anybody know of a good service that is not too expensive for transferring files between THREE people in different locations? What would be best is if they charged by the actual amount transferred. I would think that there was some service that catered just to musicians but I didn’t see such site.


Search Google for “free web hosting” with “FTP” support and “unlimited file size” (no file size restrictions). Free hosting of this type may be slow and not the most reliable, and advert supported, but it is likely to be as good a way as any for (occasionally) distributing very large files.
Also, see here:

Overnight a thumb drive. When you find out how long it’s going to take you to upload 2GB, FedEx is going to look awfully good. Most people’s internet connection is designed to download naked ladies (what did you think it was designed for?). My personal DSL connection is 3000Kb down but only 750Kb up. Multiply your file by 8 to get the approximate Kb.

Every time I want to post something large to my web site (hosted by somebody else), I start it and go to bed. I used to stare at the little blue worm crawling across the screen, but I woke up one morning face-first in the oatmeal.

There are ways to coordinate this to avoid the killer transfer times. Somebody creates a click track and simple melody line and ships a highly compressed MP3 to everybody. Fifteen minutes tops. Do it in an Email.

Everybody uses that as a base for their portion of the show. Record their portion, but don’t ship it. Ship a highly compressed MP3, etc. etc. etc. You only need one all-nighter at the end when the final very high quality files have to go to the one human cutting it all together.

That’s a cousin to the way the grownups do it anyway. Not everybody can make it to Compass Point Studios for a mix session.

I’m surprised nobody talked about doing it live over Skype. I know people that tried that. They’re resting comfortably in a home right now, but it might be interesting to try.


Google docs is a free and reliable way of sharing files up to 1Gb. This file is 6Mb and took about 90 seconds to upload to Google docs.

NB: Google docs is an add-on to its Gmail e-mail service, (Google “read” the Gmails you know :astonished: ).

Using a lossless compression format like FLAC will maintain quality and reduce ( ~half) the file size and download time compared with WAV.