sending file from external HD to Audacity to edit

I have a bunch of old cassettes that i’ve downloaded to My external HD…how do i get them from there to Audacity for editing?

thanx for anyones help!!!


File > Import > Audio

ok Im really new to this and first let Me thank you for your help and next it says its a wmv or wma or MMA or some kinda file and it cant import it…

'i kinda found an easy way to do it is to start recording in Audacity and then start the recording which i have on an external HD and play it back on windows media player and it does record but then after i edit it and save it to external HD it won’t play back… :smiling_imp::slight_smile:

any ideas?

thanx 4 ur help!!!


You can install the FFMpeg software and that should let Audacity open Windows Media files.


As long as they are not DRM protected.


let Me just say you Sir…


I had one of the techs from My computer help Me with the download of LAME and all that and we got it to work and save and all that stuff and I was able to edit and do all the things I need to do.

I don’t really know anything about computers and stuff as I’m just learning but I have all these cool things to share with the planet from the things I did and now that I know it’s a BIG BEAUTIFUL WORLD BABY…lol

thank you Buanzo…you’ve been a BIIIIG HELP

also thank you Steve

BOOMER!!! :sunglasses:

Buanzo rarely visits the forum but I have forwarded your message to him.

Buanzo rarely visits the forum but I have forwarded your message to him.

Moderator note: I suspect the poster meant to thank Koz (who provided the info).
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