Sending audio files in email

I successfully created audio files and have them saved in a folder on my pc. I would like to email them to myself to save for future use. When I attach to email and send, then open email attachment audio file it gives an error “Couldn’t find the project data folder.” I hit ok and it says “Could not load file”. I don’t understand why it will not open. I can open the file from the folder in pc but not from email? I greatly appreciate any help you may have!!!

See here:

AUP is not a sound file format. It’s a text file. It’s the list of instructions what to do with all the stuff inside the _data folder. That’s also why it’s so tiny. You need to send both and they both have to be in the same directory to open.

Please note that Audacity Projects are not backward compatible. You can’t open a 2.0.0 Project in 1.3.5.


See here:

I don’t think it ever says AUP is not a sound file format.

First paragraph - highlighted in the blue box (perhaps it should be highlighted more strongly):

Audacity projects store information about the entirety of the project such as the number of tracks and their time positions, details of clips within the tracks, amplitude envelope points, labels and gain and pan data.

Audacity projects can only be used by Audacity. To save audio for use in other programs, such as WAV or MP3, use one of the export audio commands.

and a little lower down:

The structure of a saved Audacity project is:

So it’s a sound format inside Audacity, in which case the poster’s job should have worked.

First paragraph - highlighted in the blue box (perhaps it should be highlighted more strongly):

Perhaps we leave the color (sorry, colour) alone and rewrite it so it’s clearer?

The FAQ failure in each and every case is that everybody thinks AUP is a sound format. It’s not and nowhere in the document does it say that.


Sorry, but that is incorrect. Any project created in a 2.0.x version will open in a 1.3.x version because the project format is the same. 1.3.x and 2.0.x projects won’t open in 1.2.x. See Missing features - Audacity Support .

Rule 4 in the green/blue box says

  1. Always keep the AUP file and the _data folder together in the same directory (folder).

There is a warning triangle on the page with yellow div that says

Audacity’s project format is not compatible with and should not be opened in any other audio program.

The relevant FAQ (recently tweaked again) is here:

The problem is that the the user could fall foul of this in many ways. You could argue for a FAQ in the “Errors” section “Couldn’t find the project data folder” which could be useful for people who know what a project is and those that don’t.


Thank you for the info! I greatly appreciate your help!