Sending Audacity Project files electronically

Is there any way of sending Project files (as opposed to mp3 etc derivatives) electronically for other Audacity users to ‘read’, please? Attaching data files to email doesn’t seem to work.

Audacity projects are often too big to send by email.
Also you need to ensure that you sent both the AUP file and the _data folder.

If you must send a project, I’d recommend making a ZIP archive containing both the AUP file and the _data folder. You could then use dropbox or similar to send the ZIP file.

See also:

You need to send both to have the show open. As Steve above, the best way is to Zip them both into one archive file and send that. My email tops out at 25MB per attachment. You can check how yours works. But yes. It you’re doing serous production, you’re going to outrun that in no time flat.

There are far more efficient ways to have two people collaborate on a project. You both have a simple Project with the same backing track and each one sends just their own performance to the other. Then the other sends her contribution back. One cycle of exchanges and you both have all the parts. Repeat.

At no time do you have to spend weeks shoveling an enormous Project back and forth. Use perfect quality WAV files, not MP3 or other compressed types.