Sending audacity files over Skype

I have a windows 7 computer. My friend and I were recording audio on different computers, as we are in different areas, and afterwards he sends the audio to me via Skype. When I open these files, it will not open, and says I should I try to import raw data. I import it and get this file that when played makes a one second Squeak. Picture is of audio file. Any ideas what is going on?

Exactly what type of file were you given? How did he send the file via Skype? Select the file in Explorer, right-click > Properties.

If you recorded Skype in Audacity and have been given an AUP Audacity project file, your friend needs to give you the _data folder for the project as well, which may be very large.

If the audio was saved in M4A or AAC format, add FFmpeg to your computer then Audacity will open the file.

If you’ve been given a raw temporary file then my guess it will be iSAC or iLBC. It will be hard to play these on your computer. Audacity “might” be able to import iLBC using import RAW at 8000 Hz sample rate. FFmpeg (link as above) “might” let Audacity import it, but I think the FFmpeg version we support may be too old.

If you want to use Skype audio on your computer it is best to record the audio using a Skype-compatible program like Pamela that will save the audio to WAV, MP3 or some common audio format.