Selection, trim, fade don't always work[SOLVED]

Hi, I am using version 2.0.2, have plenty of computer power and memory, use win7 64 bit, often edit with Premiere Elements and used to edit with Soundforge. I feel silly asking a very basic question. :unamused:

I wonder why selections mostly don’t work - by edit/select or by dragging? Often, effects are greyed out and trim and fade don’t work. Then, suddenly, selection seems to work and editing options are available. They are no longer greyed out. I can’t tell what happens when things suddenly start working. Am I missing a step in preparation for editing?

Think I would love this program if I could get selection to reliably work and editing options were reliably available.

Hope someone can tell me what I am doing wrong or failing to do - Phil

For effects to be available, Audacity must be in “Stop” mode, not Play, Pause or Record.

Thank you Steve! :slight_smile: