Selection Tools Overlapping


Love audacity! Having an issue right now with my F1-F6 tools. The selection, zoom, envelope, time-shift, multi tool toolbar are collapsed over each other! The buttons, already small, are now only slivers of functional space. Not sure how I made this happen, but I do not also have a completely free-floating tool bar :laughing:

Thanks for the help.
Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 12.11.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-26 at 12.22.34 PM.jpg

Can reset all the toolbars at once…

The tiny ribbed bar to the left of each tool is a positioning grabber. Click the microphone’s grabber and push to the right.

You can redesign the entire top tool kit like that. You can also click on the right edge of some tools and make them bigger.

I like to make the bouncing sound meter really long from left to right on the whole Audacity Window. Usually, the other tools scamper out of the way while you’re pushing pieces around.

The arrangement should stick the next time you launch Audacity.