selection toolbar time format

I frequently have to switch the “Start” part of “Start and length of selection”
to the “seconds” format, in order to navigate to a spot (which I found searching an exported "Label Track.txt’’ file.
But then the “Length” format changes too.
So I have to change to back, to fine tune a short section of audio.
Which, of course causes the “Start” format to change.
Over and over and over.

Looking to make a macro to do it and attach it to a shortcut key.
But after much hunting, I’m not seeing any hook into the format dropdowns.
(For me, it’d be better if the two time format dropdowns were NOT wired together.)

Any ideas? Is there an aud-do command for this hiding somewhere?

Why don’t you import the label track again so you can navigate from label to label?

I was thinking the same.