Selection Jump

I am sorry… but this seems like a basic question. Okay, so if I have loaded in a bunch of files on a single stereo channel, how can I jump to the begining (or the end) of each loaded audio file using the keyboard? For example, if I have loaded in some sound EFX and I want to trigger each one at a specific moment. Normally I would hit the SPACE bar on the first effect and thus it plays. Now if I want to cue the next one… what key on the keyboard do I hit to jump to the beginning of the next audio cue so I can trigger the next effect?


You can use the labels and label track to scan forward to the next clip. Place a label (Command-B on my machine. Tracks > Add Label) where you want each break. Tab then Enter to place the cursor at the new start point. Spacebar to start playing.

There may be easier ways, but that works on my machine.