Selection in macro only in seconds?

Hi guys,
I was trying to create a macro for selecting certain parts of my wave (select) and deleting them (cut),the problem i see is you can only use seconds to input in the selection which is hard to use precisely when i want to target a specific sample index…samples would be a lot more precise and useful for the (select) parameter…is that possible or you can only use seconds?

How are you doing that?

Pretty easy if you have a calculator. Just divide the number of samples by the sample rate.
For example, 811759 samples at a sample rate of 44100 Hz is 811759 ÷ 44100 = 18.40723356 seconds.

(In fact, you can round to 5 decimal places for sample accuracy at 44100 Hz, so 18.40723 seconds is sample accurate.)

Just using “select” and “cut” when creating a macro,works as it should.
Yes i know on how to find the time in seconds but my initial values are in samples and it seems Audacity truncates to 6 decimals so i wasn’t sure if this is sample accurate,my selection needs to be perfect.
Also it would just be more convenient for me to do this by samples since my original values are in this value on a text file so copy paste is easy but in seconds i need to use a calculator and redo my list of values.
So not possible to input a selection based on samples in a macro?

Oh good to know,5 decimals is always sample accurate at 44100Hz in any situation?

1 sample period at 44100 Hz sample rate = 1/44100 = 0.000022676 seconds
so 0.00001 seconds is less than half a sample period.
Thus any length of time measured to 5 decimal places is accurate to (better than) half a sample period.

Ok Thanks