Selection enhancements

“Enhancement of selection”

  • Specify multiple selections with Ctrl +

  • Synchronize selection with specified track

A chain button is installed on the right side of the selection button, and you can specify the chain destination of the selection range of that track by pressing the chain button.

  • Copy the selection of the specified track

  • Specify selection%

  • Shrink and expand selection

(Specify in units that can be specified on the selection toolbar including%. The reference is the cursor position)

  • Move the cursor to the center of the selection

If multiple selections are made. For example, if 00: 02: 30.313-00: 02: 45.532,00: 04: 20.000-00: 06: 11.222 is selected, the cursor position is 00: 02: 30.313-00. Note that it is in the center of: 06: 11.222

  • Select above or below the specified value from the selection range

Specifiable range is frequency and peak, VU.For example, if you specify -30dB at 8000-9500Hz, select if there is -30dB data between 8000-9500Hz. When the frequency is set to 0, it is specified only by the volume. By setting the volume to -∞ [-∞, -inf, {delete value}], if data exists within the specified frequency, it will be selected. [/list]

  • Exclude from current selection

  • Add to current selection

  • Label lock

  • Selection redo and undo (selection timecode)

Feature requests in a vaccum always are a bit difficult to judge. Can you describe which specific use cases or problems you run into which make these features useful?