Selection Does Not Highlight[SOLVED]

Windows XP Service Pack 3, Audacity v. 2.0.5

Brand new to Audacity and have a very elementary question. I am trying to remove a section of audio, but when I select the section using the mouse, the section does not highlight. Is there a cursor setting that I must use in order for the selection to highlight? I do see the arrow bar above the selection from start to end, but when I hit delete, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? :confused:

If you click just above the MUTE button, does the entire track select?

Is the Snap To button on the bottom of the main window selected?

What is the work and where did it come from?


Yes. If I click in the margin at the left, the entire track selects in a darker gray.

No. Snap To button is not selected.

The audio was created from an old cassette tape of my mother singing. I converted the cassette to .wav format using PhonoLink. The original tape has a lot of air noise in it. I’m guessing my mom didn’t know my sister was recording her and the microphone was probably not very close to her.

If this helps at all, when I select the section with the mouse, the start and end arrows appear, then a green line scans across the section as it plays it, but then the arrows disappear. So I don’t know if the selection is still active or not.

You may be clicking and dragging too high.
To select part of a track, you need to click and drag on the actual track, not on the Timeline above the tracks.

Thank you!! Thank you!! When I drag the mouse across the center of the track, the selection is highlighted. Much appreciated!