Selecting the canal

Hello everybody,
I was unsure about what forum was best appropriate, but as my OS is Windows 10 [version 10.0.19042.868], I presume the Windows section will be good.
I wanted to record a Zoom conference, that I was listening to through an earphone, I thought everything was OK, but at the end I discovered I had recorded … my microphone. So, during an hour, I hear myself breathing, and nothing else.
I know there is a possibility to select the loudspeaker for instance, as for instance Ashampoo Streaming Audio Recorder does, but I have no idea where to do that in Audacity. Well in Edition / Preferences, I saw an input peripheral selection dropdown list, and in there I found the loudspeaker, and the Microsoft Sound Mapper / Input -the exact values I find in the Windows dialog box. So I wonder how to select the loudspeaker in there, as I have to record what goes out of the machine, so the output, and not the input.

Can anybody help ?

So what you are looking for is the Device Toolbar

When you click on the drop-down box that follows the microphone icon, you will normally see a choice including Stereo Mix, Speakers, and/or Headphones. I believe anyone of them will do what you are looking for.

Having said that, most people who try to record Zoom meetings themselves end up being disappointed. The recommended was is to ask Zoom to record the meeting for you.

I hope this helps. :smiley: