Selecting section of mp3 and drag and drop


Is there some way to speed up this procedure?

Let’s say I import into Audacity a long mp3 file. I then have to select various portions of this file, and quickly save them as individual mp3s.

I can select the portion and export this section and then save the file, etc., but this procedure is very time consuming because I have a huge number of portions to save as individual mp3 files.

Is it possible in Audacity or some other such program to import a mp3 file, select a portion, then quickly drag and drop the file into a folder, thereby bypassing the other steps (select, export selection, etc.)? Just curious if this procedure can be streamlined.

By note that I am a Audacity newbie, and have much to learn about the program, fine one that it is.

Mark each region that you want to export with a label.
Optionally you can enter text into the label which you can then use as the file name - avoid using punctuation symbols or other weird characters as they may not be valid in file names.
Then use Export Multiple to export the labelled regions.

See here for more detail:

Thanks a million, Steve!

One more question, if you don’t mind.

Is it possible in Audacity to automatically splice portions of the audio mp3 (it consists of someone reading the Greek Bible with noticeable pauses at periods, end of sentences, commas, colons, etc), give these portions (that is, pause to next pause) titles (automatically, perhaps just numbers in sequence), and then export, with the result being numerous individual mp3s (based on these individual portions? Just curious. It would save a lot of time, that’s for sure.

Try the Sound Finder tool:
Note that for it to be effective the pauses need to be very quiet - any slight click or blip during the “silence” will make it look like “sound” to the Sound Finder tool.