Selecting part of a track in a chain

Hi all,

I am trying to apply “Truncate Silence” to only the middle of my tracks, not the initial fade-in / final fade-out. Can I add a step to a chain to only apply the silence-removal to a certain part? Something like “Selection Start = 0.1s, Selection End=0.1s”?


No that’s not currently possible. Batch processing with Chains acts on the full audio.
The usual way to do this would be to apply Truncate Silence before creating the fades.

If the silences that you want to truncate are long enough and quiet enough, then you may be able get Truncate Silence to operate on those gaps and ignore the start/end by setting the “Detect Silence” controls appropriately. (

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately the audio is speech, and I’m trying to manipulate recordings to get a continuous sound. Any settings which work for that also clip the quietest few milliseconds of each syllable, which sounds fine in the middle of words but very noticeable when there’s actual silence either side.

I’ll keep looking into Nyquist, and post back here if I manage to solve it using Audacity.

Does the job have to be done in a Chain? It would be very easy to do this manually.

I currently have over 80 audio files, so I’d rather this was done in a chain! And since there are other processing steps which happen first, I could end up having to redo the hand editing each time I make other changes (which has already happened half a dozen times since I started trying to solve this issue - I’m still experimenting).

Since the hand-editing is so straightforward, I’d hoped it would be easy to automate it.