Selecting one track in stereo

How can I delete one track in a stereo recording. I have old tapes with music on track 1 and the spoken voice on track 2.
In the Track Drop-down menu I select ‘split stereo to mono’ however I can still cannot select the upper or the lower track to delete separately.
One can only select both tracks. Anybody can help ?

Before you split the track you should see that the track has 2 “channels” like this:
After you “Split to Mono” you should see two mono tracks like this:
To delete one of the tracks click on the [X] in the top left corner of the track that you want to delete.

Thank you, Steve ! Some things are so simple, that you just overlook them . . .

However . . . a few days later I found that it still didn’t work. So I had to download the newer version 2.0.2. I expected that to be the reason. So . . .
In the tracks dropdown menu I selected again ‘stereo to mono’ . Then the two tracks are being compressed to one mono track, which is not what I would like.
On top of that there is no indication of two mono tracks on the left instead of one stereo track as you indicated.
What do I do wrong ? Thanks in advance, Steve.

I think that you are using the wrong drop down menu.

It’s not the “Tracks” menu at the top, it’s the “track drop-down menu” on the individual track.

See the track name and the little black arrow in the “Track Control Panel” - click there and a menu will drop down.

Thank you, Steve. Indeed I had the wrong Track-dropdown menu.
I got it now, and I’ll never forget it again . . .
By the way this forum is a great idea . . .
I might bother you again one of these days.