Selecting from center line of waveform for editing

Using Windows 7 Home Edition: I want to select a portion to delete or edit. I used to be able to ‘select’ a very small section. Now selecting won’t show on the center line; only with shaded areas above and below the waveform. This makes it hard to have a very precision ‘select.’ What changed from previous edition? and how to fix it?

So yours doesn’t look like this?

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 14.25.54.png

Kozikowski, it does now that DISABLED Quick-Play from the right-click menu. I finally hit on that and it works and now looks just like the screen shot you attached. The default somehow was Quick-Play ENABLED when I downloaded v2.1.1and that was the problem. Thanks for your reply!

Quick-Play is on by default and does not stop you selecting in the waveform, assuming you obtained Audacity from

Even with Quick-Play disabled, a selection made in the waveform will also appear in the Timeline above the waves.