Selecting a long waveform quickly

I am using Audacity ver 2.1.3 and Windows 10.

Just a quick question about selecting a large (hour long) section of the audio waveform for deletion. After recording a 3 hour long audio file with Audacity, I wanted to highlight and delete the last hour of the recording. Highlighting an hour long section of the wave-form by left-clicking and dragging the mouse takes “forever”. Is there a faster way? I want to highlight the hour-long section of audio so that I can delete it. How can I quickly highlight a section of that length?

Carl Lewandowski

There are several ways to do that. Here’s two:

  1. Click where you want the selection to start
  2. Zoom out to fit the entire project (“Ctrl + F”, but also see:
  3. Hold down the shift key and click and drag the selection from the cursor position to the end of the track.

  4. Click where you want the selection to start
  5. “Shift + End”.

Thank you,