"Select" track doesn't select the whole track, just the clips

When you click the “Select” button on the track, the assumption is that the entire track is included. It is not. Any empty space in the beginning of the track has to be manually included (i.e. Shift+Left Click) in order to copy the entire track (with the intention to paste it into another project). This issue has become a real problem. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out why a track I copied from one project and pasted into another (same song, different file) wasn’t lining up with the beat. I finally found out that there was .027 seconds of silence in front of the clip which didn’t get copied, so the entire track was .027 seconds off the click. Is there any plan to “fix” this problem so the entire track, including silence at the beginning, is included when you use the “Select” button? I read in an older post that Shift+Home will include that silent part of the beginning, but it doesn’t make sense that the “Select” button doesn’t select the whole track.

I disagree. I think it makes perfect sense.

In the vast majority of cases, people work on one project at a time. In this scenario it is far more convenient to be able to paste the copied audio at the cursor position, rather than having to account for additional empty space before the start of the copied audio.

As an example, imagine that you have a song with verses on one track, and the chorus on another track. You want to copy the chorus, and paste it several times in the chorus track.

Unfortunately you made an incorrect assumption.

Fortunately there is a manual so you don’t need to guess. The manual says:

Clicking the Select button selects all this track’s audio, deselecting all other tracks.

Notice that it says “all this track’s audio” rather than “all this track’s audio and any empty space before the start of the audio”.

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