Select tool not selective.

I am a relatively new audacity user and I really like it. I am using Windows 7 and downloaded Audacity from the exe. file.
Everything has been going fine until Tuesday. While trying to edit a project, the select tool quit being selective. It now only starts selecting a section of the track on the even second marks… at 53 seconds or 54 seconds but not at 53.71 seconds. When I click anywhere from 52.51 to 53.50 seconds it goes to 53 seconds. From 53.51 seconds to 54.50 seconds it goes to 54 seconds. I deleated the program and re-downloaded it and it is still happening. Any help? What did I screw up?

See if you have “Snap To:” selected at the bottom of the screen.


I knew someone whould have had this problem. Thank you for your assistance.

I actually have not had this problem, but as a forum elf, we’ve encountered it billions of times. Nobody’s ever been able to replicate how this check box gets checked, however, and if you intentionally try to make selections skip with that tool, it doesn’t work. [Twilight Zone Moment]