Select to beginning or end of piece of track?

OS: Linux Mint XFCE
Audacity: 2.4.2

I know how to select a piece of the track, and I know how the keyboard shortcuts to select to the beginning or end of the track. I’m asking if there’s a keyboard shortcut for selecting to the beginning or end of a piece of a track, the way I’ve selected it in this screenshot:
Thanks for any help/suggestions.

Selecting to the start of a clip does not have a shortcut by default, but you can add one.
The command is: “Select menu > Clip Boundaries > Previous Clip Boundary to Cursor”.

To create a custom shorcut, see: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual

Tip: to find the “Previous Clip Boundary to Cursor” command in the shortcut preferences, start typing “previous” in the search box.

Steve, thanks so much. That works like a charm.