'Select Stream'? [rendering a file / screenshot]

Now I got an unfamiliar error message; screenshot below here…

steve - are my images too big? Something else?

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Reason: Put image inline to preserve board layout

The images are too big to fit in the forum layout, but if you put the images “in-line”, then the forum will provide scrollbars to the image, so that the page can be read without scrolling, and the image can be viewed with scrolling.

To place an image in-line:

  1. Upload the image using the “Upload attachment” tab
    When uploaded. a button appears below the attachment link.

  2. Click in the message composing box where you want the image to appear

  3. Click the “Place Inline” button.

A special “attachment” tag will appear at the place that the cursor was, that will look something like this:


When you preview / submit the post, the image will replace the “attachment” tag.

The file that you are importing has two audio streams.
Select which you want to import. If you are unsure, select them both, then if there’s one you don’t want, you can delete it.

Got it, and got it (I think here)…