Select Recording Channels

Why is Audacity continually prompting me to select recording channels? I have set this in the toolbar and in the preferences, yet any time I export a file the prompt appears. Audacity 2.1.1 and Win10

Export is not recording. Are you referring to a warning about mixing down to stereo?

You should take heed of that warning. If you have multiple Audacity tracks on top of each other they are combined (mixed).

If the tracks are not meant to be mixed together, click above Mute/Solo (where it says “Hz” on a track) to select the track you want to export then File > Export Selected Audio… . Or leave all the tracks you want to export unmuted, then File > Export Multiple… .

If the tracks are supposed to form a sequence, press F5 to enable Time Shift Tool and drag the tracks after the end of each other. F1 to go back to Selection Tool.

To stop seeing the mixdown warning, check (tick) the box “Don’t show this warning again” the next time the warning appears.

If you see the Advanced Mixing Options dialogue, you can turn that dialogue off at “Use custom mix” in the Import / Export Preferences.

If you mean something else, please attach an image of what you see. Please see here for how to attach files:


Thank you for your response Gale.
None of the possible scenarios you have suggested included the prompt I was receiving from Audacity. And, as so often happens in the world of computers, I cannot replicate the event today.
I am attempting to automate Audacity via Power Shell to record internet audio streams while I am absent. I have had some success, but yesterday I ran several variations on the script to further streamline the process and that is when the prompt started appearing. Although I try to have only one instance of the process running at a time, it is possible I have doubled up on incoming streams—I don’t listen to the sound when running the Script—, which could have affected Audacity.
What I do via Powershell is start the stream at the time I want, then start Audacity and it records until the time I have specified has elapsed; then I request Audacity to export the data as an MP3 file with a name generated in Powershell. The prompt I would receive from Audacity appeared after the Export. The problem it created for me is that I have to know what keystrokes to send. Prior to yesterday everything ran as I expected.
Today however after a fresh boot the problem is not presenting itself. Could it be that rebooting has cleared the problem? Later today, I will be running the script again. If the prompt appears I will get the screen shot requested.
Thanks again

Thank you. It would have saved time if you had explained in the first place what you were doing. :wink:

Would you be willing to share your script when you have it fully polished? Some might find it useful.

I would guess then you saw this:
By default that dialogue appears when you use the shortcut SHIFT + N. ESC or ENTER would dismiss the dialogue.

Edit > Preferences… then the Keyboard section would let you remove or change the binding for that dialogue.


Hello Gale: Yes that is the dialogue that appeared. Certainly will post script when I am satisfied with how it runs.

Audacity 2.1.0 Windows 10
So sorry apparently years ago I did not press submit on this. Gale here is the powershell script I have been using without a hitch for a very long time :smiley:
Save as powershell .ps1 file. I set up a scheduled task and run powershell at the appointed time. Ultimate geek behavior to worry about this, not being sent. Again my apologies

$url = “https://what ever target web address may be”
$duration = 11100 # 3 hours and 5 minute in SECONDS duration of podcast, stream etc.
$ie = New-Object -com internetexplorer.application # start your browser
$ie.visible=$False # browser not visible
$ie.navigate($url) # load the url, AUDIO STREAM should start automatically
$date = Get-Date -UFormat %y%m%d # many formats available
$fileName = ‘TARGET’+$date + ‘.mp3’ # what you name the received file
$FilePath = “C:\Program Files (x86)\Audacity” # directory to wherever Audacity is located
cd $FilePath # change filepath
start-process “audacity.exe” # start Audacity
sleep 3 # these sleep periods seem to very from computer to computer but lets audacity start without interference
$AudacityProc = Get-Process -Name Audacity # need this to get focus onto Audacity
$wshell = New-Object -ComObject; # notify computer new object in play
$wshell.AppActivate(‘Audacity’) # activate the object Audacity
sleep 2
$wshell.SendKeys(‘R’) #tell Audacity to start recording, your AUDIO STREAM should be already playing
sleep $duration # length of recording in seconds from line 2
$wshell.SendKeys(‘+a’) #must use space ’ ’ to stop recording not ‘s’***could not transmit a ’ ’ so shift-a stops recording, don’t understand why I could not sent space!; likely incorrect syntax
sleep 5
$wshell.SendKeys(‘^E’) #now export; this will export file as mp3 to the last folder Audacity saved a file to.
sleep 5
$wshell.SendKeys(‘BETA’) #file name, put whatever you want here
sleep 2
$wshell.SendKeys(‘~’) #file name sends a return starting the conversion to mp3 and save
sleep 600 # allow time for file to be converted to mp3 and be exported; smaller files require shorter times so experiment
#$wshell.SendKeys(‘^W’) # decided to bypass this, which closes current project
sleep 2
#$wshell.SendKeys(‘~’) # this would be used with close project
sleep 2
$wshell.SendKeys(‘^q’) #Quit Audacity which brings up box saying save changes yes or no
$wshell.SendKeys(‘n’) #pressing ‘n’ says no to saving changes
sleep 1
Get-Process iexplore | Stop-Process # stops internet explorer object
Rename-Item -path “C:\Users*\Music\Audacity\BETA.mp3” -newname $fileName -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue #renames file with current date and new name
sleep 5
Move-Item -Path “C:\Users*\Audacity$filename” -Destination “C:\Users*\Music\MITD$filename” # these are filepaths you chose for your own purposes

Thank you for following up on this topic Fumio, but sadly you have missed Gale as he passed away in August 2017. There’s a little “in memorandum” here:

So sad to here this about Gale. Funny how things stick in your mind over time. Yesterday I was wondering if anyone had made use of my information and felt compelled to check out my previous post only to find I had never posted it at the time. My hope is that Gale was correct, someone may use this information for their enjoyment.
RIP Gale
Regards Fumio