select one track

Audacity 2.2.1 Windows 10

I want to amplify one track only.
CTRL A selects all tracks.
How do I select only the upper track so that I can amplify it alone?

If the track contains one continuous audio clip, just double click on the blue waveform.

If the track contains multiple audio clips, click on any available space in the info panel on the left end of the track (taking care to not click any of the buttons or sliders).

  1. Click anywhere on the track
  2. Press “J” key
  3. Press Shift + “K” key

For other ways of selecting audio, see:

If you’re in a multi-track show, click just right of the up button on the left.

If you have a stereo track—two married tracks—you have to break them apart first. Drop-down on the left > Split Stereo Track. Do your worst and then Make Stereo Track to put them back together.