Select multiple clips in a single track

I’m using 2.0.4 and am a new user. Using Audacity to edit audio book recording. Need to take out hundreds of “breaths”. Understand noise removal but taking forever to select each breath and remove it.Is there some way to select all the “breath” clips in the track (I can see where most of them they occur) and apply noise removal to them all simultaneously. Thanks

2.0.5 is the desirable, stable version of Audacity.

Post some of the work here on the forum (or anywhere else you have permission to post work).

We don’t care about bit-level accuracy for this problem, so you can use a very high quality MP3 if you wish, like 256 quality stereo (if it’s a stereo show, or 128 quality mono. We need the theatrical feel of the show, including, of course the gasps.

My first reading of this is no. You’re not going to be able to do this automated. Are you in a position to correct the next live shoot, or did someone dump it on your desk: “Fix this.”

Nothing makes me crazier than knowing how to correct a shoot, but not being able or allowed to. Post production is always a bad time to “fix a shoot.” It’s when you find the shortcomings of the tools.

You can make it clear you’re willing to train someone else to do this next time…


Thanks for the reply and advice Koz - this was my first audio book recording. I’ve already learned a lot (the hard way) about getting the shoot set up right and mic/breathing techniques.
All the best - Luke