Segmentation fault at start (SIGSEGV)


I’m not sure the version it applies, I got the segfault on the git master branch.

I run Debian sid / GNU Linux.
I got the segfault before the UI is displayed.

Please find attached the gdb session and BT.


audacity-session-gdb-bt.txt (6.93 KB)

That is pretty important information. For bug fixing purposes, the more precise the better.

Assuming that you are referring to Audacity’s git master, and assuming that you downloaded it after 8th March, it will be Audacity 2.3.2 alpha. The version number is shown in “Help > About Audacity”.
Any idea what date you downloaded it?

So this is when you try to launch Audacity, it crashes before the GUI is up?
Does this happen every time, or only some times?

Did you build Audacity yourself?

Due to lack of required additional information, topic moved from the bug reporting board to the Linux board.