Seems after windows update, can no longer record my speakers

Growing a bit desperate here…have recorded my speakers easily and happily for many years…until the other night . I think it was a windows update that got me. Not sure which one – most recent i guess. But audacity no longer does anything if i click record with the WASAPI option and it is set to my speakers. Absolutely devastated, i have used this feature to create music for so long. thanks for any possible help or guidance. lost and upset lol

Did you try a clean shutdown? I wouldn’t be shocked if a Windows Update did a quick background reset rather than completely shutting down the machine. If there are going to be any software errors, that might be the place for them.

Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait. Let Windows close and reset all it’s running and background processes. Do Not let it open automatically reopen windows or apps. Go make coffee.

Then Start and see if that doesn’t help. Do you use Skype, Zoom or other sound applications like that? They like to take over your sound services when they run and you don’t have anything to say about it. I can imagine them having a tussle with a Windows Update.