Seemless loop/Repeat question

Hey all, and good morning!

I was wondering if it’s possible to extend a piece of audio.

What I’m doing at the moment is cutting the about 15 seconds at the start and at the end of a clip.

Then I repeat the middle. The middle is about 30 seconds in length and I repeat the middle to get it up to 30 minutes but once it goes from one to another there is a crackle and then it starts the next one but it’s not seemless since it’s starting from the start.

Is it possible to make it seemless loop and get rid of the crackle when it goes to the next repeat?

Does a seemless loop only work if the audio sample size is small and the same repeating sound?

I’m guessing it’s not possible if it’s a big sample of 30 seconds?

Any advice or help would really be appreciated.

(Sometimes you can get away with making your cuts at zero crossing points. Press “Z” to position the cursor, then make your cut from there. See: Select Menu: At Zero Crossings)

Generally you need to overlap the audio and then do a simultaneous fade out and fade in or crossfade. Audacity makes this easy for you. See: Crossfade Clips