Seemingly records more quietly than I speak on Skype.

Version: Audacity 2.0.5
Using: Windows 8

The issue that I’m having is that while my volume appears to be solid over Skype, while attempting to record my volume I am inaudibly quiet, unless I boost the volume up past .25, so on, but then a static noise seems to pervade through the recording, that isn’t present while for example calling the Sound Test service from Skype.

Also, another question; I want to capture my mic recording as well as all other sounds going on my computer
I have ‘Primary Sound Capture Driver’ selected as my option by the Microphone icon, but it doesn’t seem to capture computer noises. How do I do that?

Audacity is not a specialist Skype recorder.


You don’t on most computers these days, because you cannot make the microphone play through the computer without delay.

If you can record the sounds first, do that. See Audacity Manual . Then sing along to playback of the recorded sounds.

Or are you trying to record a commentary to a game? If so, use FRAPS or a similar program designed to do that.


Skype is not a thing to record from like a microphone or a vinyl player. It’s an environment and it sets its own management, levels and sound pathways. If you mess with them manually, the Skype conversation may crash. Same with games. Usually specialty software is required to record either one.


I may look into another program; my intent was to record from my mic and computer simultaneously, which I can achieve with Camtasia Recorder – however, the same issue persists with that program where my volume is far too low, yet everyone else volume seems just fine, and I’ve tested thoroughly within Skype calls which suggest that my volume is on par with everyone elses. I haven’t bothered asking the question over at the Camtasia help section, though.

Skype is not a dumb, static application. It goes out and sets levels and directions for its sound. It’s really easy to force the machine to do your bidding and have Skype stop working.

I made stable recordings with my high quality voice, the Skype receive voice and computer music, plus had the other end of the Skype call listen to me in good quality. I did it with two computers and a mixer.

Write back if you get something to work. Some people do. Some people get insanely lucky and all the programs and voices work perfectly. They look at the rest of us and wonder what the problem is.