Seeking Feedback on Audio

You. Need. A. Studio.

There is no wife speaking next door. In my case, I have to lock the ticking Ikea wall clock in the bathroom, pull the shades on the window, shut down the quietly whining internet modem, and unplug the music keyboard bass cabinet. All of them make quiet noises that get into recordings even if they’re not obvious in real life.

It took months to find the hum sound from that bass cabinet. I put a directional microphone on a stick and turned everything on while wearing good quality live headphones. I pointed the microphone around the room and listened to the annoying hum come and go on the headphones.

I live underneath high tension neighborhood power lines and I would have bet that’s where the hum was coming from.

Almost by accident, I got close to the bass speaker cabinet and the hum sound got louder. Go away, come back, go away, come back. It was turned off at the time. I pulled the cabinet plug out of the wall and the hum vanished.

There’s a reason that’s a Mac. As a rule, they make little or no noise. You can overload them with jobs and eventually, the internal fan will turn on, but if you’re careful, they’re quiet.

That picture is a little Hollywood. There are no cables visible. You would have to be sitting on the floor to speak into that microphone. Those are awful headphones. Real ones are much larger.

That reflection in the screen is my outdoor rain gutter. That purple paper clip on the script is to keep it from blowing away.

If I moved what whole thing inside, the light would be terrible, but it would work.

If you get a Windows laptop, save the papers.

This was a PVC Pipe studio somebody made up.