Seeking Developer for Hire to Modify Audacity (Linux)


PonyPak Systems, Inc. has developed new technologies for delivering life-support to professional people working in extreme environments.

#02H 2020-09-27 DOD Quad Chart PSI Systems Solutions Short.pdf (469 KB)
One communication unit requires audio mixing software. It operates on Linux. We intend to implement Audacity.

We seek a skilled developer to work with us to significantly streamline Audacity’s functionality to only that required by our application.

I would appreciate any developers who might have interest in working with us, to contact me directly.

Please do so by email. Thank you.

William Messner, CEO
PonyPak Systems, Inc.

We don’t provide email support - forum support only.
Also, it’s very rare that the developers visit this forum - you would be better contacting them directly via their mailing list (see:

Thank you. I went there, but can not find a “mailing list.” I entered search for Developer for Hire. Lots of threads came up - but none with a complete email address to whom I can send my query. Is there a way to ask a general question to the list? (“Seeking Audacity Developer for Hire”). I would appreciate your direction Thank you.

Scroll down the page to where it says:
Just below that there is a link:
“audacity-devel archives and subscription information”

I’ve emailed someone for you who might be able to do this job - he has worked a lot on customized Audacities previously - he should be trying to contact you directly.