if Im recording an audition and I dont want the client to steal my recording until we sign a contract HOW do i place ticking or watermark under my recording so they cant hear it on the audition but they cant use it either??


Don’t give them the full recording until contracts are signed.

I did see a free plugin that puts in a spoiler bleep or noise-burst …
voxengo bleeper in Audcaity on Windows.png
The beeps* could be edited out, noise-burst is more secure.

[* it is possible to have the pitch of the beeps vary randomly, which would make it time-consuming to edit them out ].

I’ve wondered about this kind of thing.

From a technical point of view, if you put in a hidden watermark that the client can’t hear in the audition (as op suggested) wouldn’t that disappear if they did any kind of remixing? It seems like you would need audible marks.

From a more general point of view - opinion, really - is it professional to put in something like noise bursts? Assuming that it’s a client you don’t yet trust and a short enough audition that you can’t deliver just part of it.

I suppose you would want to hide behind disclaimers like “sorry, our legal team insist on this” :wink: or “it’s an industry standard”!

The “industry standard” is that you don’t put a lot of work into something before terms have been agreed.