second track clips or static with behringer c-1u

I’ve googled, and seen some solutions for this but my specs seem to be adequate to run the software.

I’m using a behringer c-1u on windows 7. I’ve recorded a few 5 second tests. The first track records cleanly, but at low volume even with the slider turned up in windows.

The second track also records at a very low volume but is also noisy; it sounds like it’s clipping, but the track image is nowhere near saturation.

So, two problems. Overall not loud enough although that could perhaps be fixed in the mix. Haven’t gotten there yet, but U would think a strong signal would be preferable.

The worse problem is the second track. It is unusable. I downloaded asio4all from Behringer and it seemed to make no difference at all. Since I see a similar problem happens with the alpha-lexicon (which I could not get to work with windows 7 at all), it would seem to me that the problem lies somewhere in the software or operating system.

Any help? I’m about to return the mic.


Low volume is perfectly normal with these. Low is easily fixable in Audacity (or any other program), but high volume, overload, and clipping is immediately fatal.

Are you going through a USB hub? This sounds exactly like USB data collisions. Your blue waves are highly damaged. They have forms and characteristics like data being missing or misplaced. Normal vocal waves have a rhythmic up and down flow and even complex sounds rich in overtones have a graceful characteristic. Yours don’t. I see signs of brief times where your sound is actually missing.


No hub. After reading other problems I tried using one of the front panel usb jacks and one of the back. Same results. BTW, I forgot to mention I installed from the exe file. It said to say that in the instructions.

After tech support with my computer guru and with Behringer, it now works cleanly. I disconnected the pen tablet since it might have been conflicting. I downloaded and installed ASIO4ALL, but I don’t think it actually does anything with audacity. I plugged the mic into a different port and restarted. Then, I changed the preferences: devices to interface host: MME, the playback divise was on speakers(High Definition Audio and the recording devise Microphone (C-1U Channels: 1 (Mono).

I’m not sure what made the difference, but I was able to record 5 extremely short tracks and the audio is just fine. With any luck it will work with longer tracks. Fingers crossed. The mic has a nice sound.