Searching the online Manual

What I was looking for (see was in the manual after all. I’ve now discovered how to do a better search of the manual by using the online version (rather than the downloaded version) and then using the Google search facility there, e.g. looking for “delete project”.

Another good way to search for stuff related to Audacity is to use the custom Google search box on the Audacity web site.
The search box in the upper right corner of that page goes to a Google search that searches the Audacity web sites (including the manual, this forum and the Audacity wiki and a few other useful sites. Note however that the search results open on a Google page and as such there will be the usual Google Ads.

The most convenient way to search the Manual for the current release of Audacity (that is, 2.0.5 at the moment) is to bookmark this link: . Replace “Device Toolbar” in the address bar with what you are searching for.

Note that if you go to there is a (non-Google) search but it’s our “development” manual for the unfinished Audacity we are working on for the next release. You don’t want to go there because you will find features there that are not in the current release of Audacity and sometimes not find features that have been removed or moved/renamed.


Perfect ! Thanks. Bookmarked under “Audacity current manual Google search syntax example”.