Searching similar wave patterns

Is there a utility that will permit the identification of similar wave patterns within a recording? I would like to “clean up” noise in a recording which has similar wave patterns in many parts of the recording. Is there a way to have these similar patterns identified so that you can be directed to those portions of the recording avoiding a tedious search? The patterns are not identical, therefore is there an algorithm that will permit variability to be used in the search?

Any help is much appreciated.

At present there is no such feature in Audacity, though a couple of developers have shown interest in developing such a feature, so it may be available at some time in the future (but don’t hold your breath, it won’t be any time soon).

Is there anyway to reach out to developers that might be interested in doing this??

At the present time, in the run-up to Audacity 2.0, there are no new features being added. After Audacity 2.0 has been released then development of new features will resume. It may be worth you getting back to us after the release of Audacity 2.0, which we all hope will not be too long, but there is as yet no fixed date.